Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Wish I was Reading

Hello from underneath a huge pile of required reading! I'm really struggling to find time for pleasure reading this semester, although I am pretty lucky that most of the readings in my literature class can overlap into both categories sometimes. Here's what I really wish I was reading right now, and what I'm actually reading.

I wish I was reading...

I bought this one over Christmas break when it came out in paperback, but I haven't gotten to start it yet- it's torturous! I really need to know where this series goes and prepare for the release of The Raven King next month. 

This one just came in for me from my library ebook program, and I'm desperately hoping to read it before I have to return it. It's a historical fiction novel that takes place during WWII, which I just proclaimed on Tuesday is my favorite setting for a historical fiction novel. I'm sure I will be sneaking this one in when I should be reading for school. 

Another book I have been aching to get to. I really want to experience this one, as I have flicked through it and it looks like a really unique reading experience. And of course, it has gotten rave reviews. 

But I'm actually reading...

Research for my paper on the women of Bletchley Park. Well, right now I'm spending more time looking for sources than actually reading them and it's a little annoying. I will be posting more about this topic in the future, as I have found some things I want to share.

I just finished a reread of Lord of the Flies by William Golding for one of my literature classes. I hadn't read this one since high school, and I really enjoyed rereading it at a time when I was better able to appreciate the craftsmanship of this novel. More about this soon. 

Next up on this list is to start Frankenstein which I have never read. I'm really excited to read this and then write my paper on it as I have been wanting to study this novel for a very long time. I really think I'm going to love it. 

I also need to reread Persuasion this weekend, or at least skim through it again, as I just read it last year. This is for the same class as Frankenstein, so I have quite a bit of reading for that class. 

I also need to star Macbeth which I have never read in the original play version. I am familiar with the story line though. This is another one that I will be reading and then creating lessons and activities for as a teacher so it will be interesting. 

Phew! Seeing all that reading laid out is a little scary. If you need me, my nose will be in one of these books. 


  1. I read Lord of the Flies almost ten years ago and I remember really liking it then, so hopefully one day I get around to rereading it.