Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recently Read: An Abundance of Katherines

I just finished my first John Green novel. I was looking for something light and quick that I could finish in a short amount of time. I usually go for large and serious novels when book shopping, and I sometimes find myself in the mood for something light and quick but no options on my shelf. I picked this one up because I like Green's YouTube channels and have heard a lot of great things about his novels. "The Fault in our Stars" seemed to be a little to heavy for my light mood so I went with this one that I had never heard of before.
The main character Collin has dated, and been dumped by nineteen girls in his life, all named Katherine. He is a child prodigy with one best friend, who is overweight, Muslim, and hilarious. After Collin's heart is broken by Katherine XIX, he embarks on a road trip with his best bud. They end up in a small town in Tennessee named Gutshot, where Collin tries to work on his mathematical theorem that will predict how long relationships will last and who will be the dumper and who the dumpee.
I finished this book in three days. It was laugh out loud funny, but yet had so much heart. Collin is afraid of becoming a washed up child prodigy, who never turns into a genius and who will never be remember. His overwhelming fear of not mattering to the world is very relatable and real. I enjoy John Green's sense of humor in real life and in his writing. I am anxious to read some of his other novels after this. I am very pleased with the way Green can write a light and funny story that still makes an impact on the reader and evokes thought.    

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