Monday, October 27, 2014

Recently Read: Gris Grimly's Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley and Gris Grimly
Genre: Graphic Novel- Classic Adaptation
Publication Date: 2013
Page Count: 208
Rating: 5/5

I read Gris Grimly's Frankenstein in the spirit of Halloween. I hadn't read the original story by Mary Shelley, but I loved this version and I now really want to read the original. This book was on my Before the End of the Year TBR list, which I'm making good progress on!

This is a graphic novel adaptation of the story of Victor Frankenstein and the monster he creates. This version uses sections of the original text along side abridged text, and is accompanied by gorgeous art. 

The art style for this book matched the tone of the story perfectly, The color pallet is full of dark colors and the art is almost warped. The story is told through words and pictures. Sometimes the text carries the story forward and sometimes the story is told solely through pictures.  

Not only is the inside of this book beautiful, but the jacket and actual book are beautiful too. The book without the jacket has a beautiful gold design and the spine has gold lettering too. The jacket is illustrated in the same style as the inside. If you ever see this book in a bookstore or library I highly recommend you flip through it, at the least if you don't end up falling in love with it and taking it home. 

This book captures the themes of the original story so well. The opening page with the epigraph is just breathtaking! (By the way, I mentioned Frankenstein in my Favorite Epigraphs Part 1 post because just the epigraph alone is amazing.) You don't have to have read the original story in order to enjoy this book, and if you have read it, I think you will really love this adaption.

I'm really eager to pick up the other works Grimly has illustrated including two volumes of Poe stories, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Pinocchio

If you have any recommendations for graphic novel adaptations of classics, let me know! 


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