Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recently Read: The Son of Neptune

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan is the second book in his Percy Jackson continuation series The Heroes of Olympus. My review for the first book, The Lost Hero can be found here.
This book opens in the perspective of Percy Jackson, on the run from mythical creatures with no memory of his past. He is lead to Camp-Jupiter, the Roman demi-god camp, where he meets the next two demi-gods that will be part of the Prophecy of Seven. Hazel, is the daughter of Pluto, or Hades in Greek God terms. She has a big secret and a big power. Frank, is big, clumsy, and doesn't know who his God parent is. Percy and these two unlikely heroes are throw into a quest to release Death from the grasps of Gaea.
This book, like all of Riordan's books, is funny, full of adventure, bravery, and lessons in mythology. I'm really enjoying learning about the Roman Gods, which I have much less knowledge of compared to the Greek gods. I also like that characters from the original Percy Jackson series continue to pop up and become a major part of this story as well. I'm excited to read the third and fourth book in this series now that the Seven will be brought together and all the set up for the series is done. I foresee a couple of love triangles in these character's futures, along with lots of action, bravery, and possibly even a tragic death or two.   

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