Sunday, November 10, 2013

Recently Read: Paper Towns

Last night I finished Paper Towns by John Green. This is my third finished John Green book. I recently found The Fault in our Stars at my thrift shop for twenty-four cents, so I will be reading that soon. I have quite a lot to say about this book so I will get started.

Going into this book, for some reason, I expected it to be light and fluffy. Which it was in one way. I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this, like really laughed. But when I finished it, I just sat and thought about it for half an hour. So, the main character Q is neighbors and child hood friends with Margo. They share a traumatic adventure together when they are young and then they kind of just grow apart like most child hood friends. One night Margo climbs through Q's window and pulls him into an all night adventure. The next morning Q wakes up to discover that Margo is gone. Of course Q has loveable and hilarious best friends in the form of Ben and Radar, and they find themselves wrapped up in the mystery of Margo Roth Spiegelman.

I have really come to love John Green's writing. I appreciate the way he writes female characters. They have depth and the attraction felt towards them is based on the mystery surrounding them and they always seem to make the male character feel like a better person when they are around. The main characters journey's are always rewarded with great life and self discoveries, which John Green so beautifully words for the reader. Besides all this, his books are just plain funny. The kids are real, the jokes are real, and the friendships are real. I think sometimes people tend to consider Young Adult literature as meaningless, fluffy entertainment, but I don't think that's true. Authors like John Green, David Levithan and Markus Zusak are writing meaningful and thought provoking YA novels.

I thought the discoveries Q made about the way we view other people was beautifully worded and very, very true. I again, recommend every John Green book, even the two I have not read yet, because I know they will be just as heartwarming and beautiful as the ones I have read.
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