Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Recently Read: The Heart of a Woman

Author: Maya Angelou
Genre: Classic/ Memoir
Publication Date: 1981
Page Count: 352
Rating: 5/5

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This is the forth book in Angelou's memoir series and takes place in 1960s. Angelou writes about her involvement in the American Civil Rights Movement as well as her time living in South Africa as the wife of a South American Civil Rights leader. 

I love Maya Angelou; she's one of my heroes and all-time favorite poets. I am loving her memoirs; she was such an incredible woman. I haven't reviewed all of the memoirs I have read so far on the blog, but I have enjoyed each one. This was one of my favorites, along with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I love how frankly Angelou discusses her romantic relationships and sex in her memoirs, and this one was no different. I really enjoyed reading Angelou's account of her relationship with Make, the South African Civil Rights leader. They had an intense relationship for many reasons, and Angelou writes about it with heart, clarity, and compassion. 

I also loved hearing about her efforts in the Civil Rights Movements of two different countries on two different continents. She was such a smart and brave woman, and I love her activism and insights. These novels trace the changing relationship between Angelou and her son Guy, which is great as well. I have loved seeing him grow up and seeing how she has raised him with love and respectful space. 

Angelou's writing is captivating, and you feel like she is speaking directly to you while you read these memoirs. This one had a hilarious moment in it, that had me laughing for days afterwards whenever I thought about it. I loved the humor and bravery the moment showed and the way Angelou wrote it. 

If you haven't read her memoirs yet, I can not recommend them enough. 

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