Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: Two Weeks in One

Okay, I've been really awful about being productive lately. That means nothing is getting done in any area of my life- so this week I'm wrapping up two weeks in one.

What's New:
It's the fourth week of the semester so things are starting to pick up, and I'm getting ready for a break-even though there isn't one in sight! I haven't finished a book of my own choosing since this semester started, and although I'm annoyed by that, I'm not going to dwell on it too much. I've got other stuff going on, and when I get done reading for school, I'm ready to watch some mindless tv to unwind. I've been loving My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC lately. Whitney is so funny and has such a great personality- I love watching her life!

What I bought:
Nothing Again! Which is great since I'm not reading anything.

What I posted:
Last Week:
Monday- I did another installment of my Just Added Series
Tuesday-  I showcased Ten Books that would Spark Great Discussion
Wednesday- I talked about my thought after rereading Romeo and Juliet
Thursday- was a 1 a.m. Post about my feeling for literature

This Week:
Monday- A list of Books Every Woman (man, child, and dog) Should Read
Tuesday-  I posted the Top Ten YA Books I Can't Believe I Haven't Read Yet
Wednesday-  A List of Books Every Woman (including myself) Should Read
Thursday- No Post!
Friday- Review of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What's Next:
I'm thinking of returning to my posting schedule from last semester, where I took Fridays off from posting, because that seemed to work really well. I'm hoping to finish the book I'm currently reading this weekend, and then I'm hoping to start something by Agatha Christe. As for posts, I'm thinking a review of my current read and probably some more lists because I love lists! (nothing is quite as soothing as making a list)

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  1. Omg, I am so so with you. Making lists is LIFE! I absolutely adore writing lists (I think half my blog posts are list, ahha) . XD I should really try and quell my library-borrowing because my TBR is quite out of control atm. 0.0 Good luck with getting into the groove of your schedule!
    My Stacking the Shelves!

    1. Yay for lists! I put every possible second of my life in a list! I hear ya on the out of control TBR!
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dogs reading ? Aren't you afraid they will take over the world ? (kidding ;) ) Good luck with your schedule, I'm a list maker myself, have a great week !

    1. I can think of many things worse than dogs taking over the world! Thanks, have a great week yourself!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lists are always a great post option because lists are the best! Good luck with figuring out your posting schedule and your reading schedules. I remember going for months without reading when I was in college even though I wasn't taking any reading heavy classes (I was a computer science major) but because my brain was TIRED! Good luck and have a great week!

    1. Yes, it's so much easier to just watch junk tv than to read after doing homework and going to class all day, but I'm hoping to get some sort of schedule eventually.
      thanks for stopping by Katherine!

  4. Your ability to plan posts is amazing I am so envious!! Check out my week if you'd like :)

  5. I'm big on lists too. I have post-it notes stuck everywhere and always have a pad and pen handy. Even in my car!

    My Sunday Post -

    1. Yes! Post-Its are my best friend! I have key-chain that has post-its on my car keys and I love it!
      thanks for stopping by!