Monday, February 1, 2016

January Wrap-Up

So, up until recently I was trying to do weekly wrap-ups, but it has gotten to be too much with school. I'm going to switch over to the monthly wrap-up which I think will work much better for me. I'm still playing with format, categories and length, but here we go!

What Happened:
School started this month and it's been pretty crazy. I'm taking 16 credits and doing four hours a week of observation in a high school classroom. I've been struggling to find time to read for pleasure and blog, so this month has been a little irregular on the blog, but I'm okay with that.

Other than that, I got totally obsessed with the carpool karaoke videos with James Corden (Adele's is the best) and I have been watching them whenever I need a quick laugh and music break. I'm also on the last season of Gilmore Girls and could not be more excited about the recent Netflix reboot news. I'm eagerly awaiting more details.

I haven't bought any books since my last weekly update (which was a month ago!) so I don't have a lot to update you with there. I do have some post ideas coming up soon that I want to get out, but I just have to find the time to type them up.

What I Read and Reviewed:
I read East of West vol 1 and vol 2 right before winter break ended. I also read my first nonfiction read of the year Eat, Pray, Love and I really enjoyed it! I really want to read more nonfiction this year so I'm really glad I started the year off with this one. Finally, I read The Accident Season which was weird and wonderful.


I'm currently reading a lot of stuff for school, but I have a huge pile of books I'm dying to get into soon.

What Else I Posted:
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Ten of My Favorite Poets (Check this out and leave me some of your favorite poems!)

How was your month? This month was pretty much filled with school which makes for a boring wrap-up. Here's to February!

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