Thursday, May 26, 2016

Recently Read: Her Treasures

Author: Fida Islaih
Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: 2015
Page Count: 64
Rating: 3.5/5

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I was provided a copy of this poetry collection by the author in 
exchange for an honest review. 

It's no secret that I love poetry as I talk about it on the blog all the time, and I have also mentioned my desire to get into some modern poetry and poets as that is an area of poetry that I know very little about, so when Fida contacted me about her poetry collection I said yes of course. 

This collection was really unique. It almost reads as a travel diary in poetic form in the first section, and the moves to thoughts on war, and finally personal loves of the author. This collection contains the authors experiences and thoughts about her culture, heritage, and travels to Malaysia. I really enjoyed the topics of this collection. It felt both personal and thoughtful and allowed me to experience a new point of view.

The collection is broken into five large sections with smaller poems within them which made for fast and engaging reading. My favorite poem in the collection was the second section which deals with war and foreign invasion. The voice in this poem is particularly powerful.

This collection covers a wide range of themes and topics from Islamic culture, travel, war, and the joys or reading and writing. If you are new to modern poetry like myself, I think this is a really great collection to start out with, but I think you will enjoy it if you are a modern poetry buff as well. This collection was a quick and enjoyable bit of poetry to add into my day.

P.S. you can visit Fida's blog here