Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to the Grindstone

School is back in session for me, which means the week is filled with frustrations and trying to find a parking spot or a classroom. I am a sophomore in college. Since I am always interested to know what other people have to read for their English classes I thought I would share my required reading list with you. The English class I am taking is called Introduction to Prose.

In Our Time- Ernest Hemingway
Passing- Nella Larson
Silas Marner- George Eliot
 (I had no idea George Elliot was actually a woman until I bought this book) 
Counterparts- James Joyce
Daisy Miller- Henry James
Ethan Frome- Edith Wharton
The Fox- D.H. Lawrence
Old Mortality -Katherine Anne Porter
The Love of a Good Woman- Alice Munro
There are a couple I have left off the list, but this is the majority. These are all short novels, I believe all of them are under three hundred pages, but never the less, we are reading around two books a week. This is sure to slow down the reading I do on my own time, but I will share my thoughts on some of these novels as we read them. 

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  1. I'm not an english major but I'm a huge reader. I would love to read some book reviews on these :)

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