Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Currently Watching: Monarch of the Glen

I always scroll through all of the BBC shows on Netflix and long to watch them all and curse the fact that I live in America! I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I'm currently on season five of seven) but found that I needed a break. I've always eyed the tv show Monarch of the Glen while scrolling through Netflix so I decided I would finally start it!

The show centers around the MacDonald Family who owns the Glenbogle estate in Scotland. Archie, the son, is called back home from London because the family is having financial problems with the house and he finds out that he has been made Lard of the estate, which comes with a whole set up problems. Archie must decide if he wants to stay in Scotland and help his family run the estate, or if he wants to return to London and to his girlfriend. 

The scenery in this show is so beautiful! The estate is gorgeous, the castle is gorgeous, the landscape is gorgeous... are you getting the picture here? 

This show is so funny! The characters are so crazy and so lovable. Archie's father cracks me up with all of the trouble he gets into. The house has its own small staff with huge personalities, and Archie is a hot commodity around town. I have watched the first season and first few episodes of the second season and there has been love triangles galore! 

The show first came out in 2000. There's six seasons on Netflix currently which comes out to fifty-seven episodes. It's very possible there is a seventh season, but I'm too afraid to look it up because I don't want to get spoiled! 

If you're looking for a cute and funny show where everyone has a beautiful Scottish accent (think of it like a whole cast of David Tennants!) I highly recommend you check this one out. The BBC can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. 

P.S. The show is based on a book series by Compton Mackenzie. The first book, The Monarch of the Glen was published in 1941. The series is titled The Highland Series. 

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