Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recently Purchased: Here's What I Bought to Console Myself About the Start of School

While you're reading this, I am currently on my third day of my last semester before I student teach (hopefully, don't want to jinx myself here.) So to fight off the back-to-school-blues, I have purchased a few new reads.

I have been seeing this poetry collection everywhere, as I am sure you have too, and I have been meaning to pick it up forever. I finally treated myself so I would have a quick read for the beginning of the semester. I am trying to get into modern poetry, as I usually read classic poetry, so leave me any recommendations you may have below. I have flipped through this and loved the illustrations and the few poems I have read. I have had a hard time saving this one for the start of the new semester.  

I have heard lots of things about this one too, it sounds quite disturbing and I'm interested to see what themes it deals with and how it deals with them. 

My mom treated me to a new coloring book for the new school year, and I love this one. The images inside are so beautiful! I highly recommend checking this one out if you see it in the bookstore. I can't wait to listen to an audiobook and color during my homework breaks. 

What have you bought lately? Any modern poetry recommendations? How about coloring book recommendations? 

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