Thursday, September 19, 2013

Recently Read: The Lost Hero

I finished The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan the second book from my September TBR list. I am a big, big fan of Riordan's Percy Jackson series and was so excited to discover Percy Jackson is in this series as well. This is book one of the Heroes of Olympus series.
The humor, adventure, and romance elements are similar to the Percy Jackson series, but this book is not simply that story retold with different characters. I did laugh out loud at this book on more than
one occasion, and found it to be hard to put down so I could go to sleep.
The story follows three kids, Piper, a troublemaker who likes to get in trouble to get her movie star dad's attention. Leo who is hilarious, but has had a hard life of feeling out of place and unwanted, and Jason, who wakes up during a field trip holding Piper's hand, best friends with Leo, and no memory of either of them or anything that has happened to him in his life. If you have mad love for Percy Jackson, you will love Jason. The three kids must go on a quest while the search for the lost hero, who just so happens to be Percy Jackson is carried out by Annabeth and other members of Camp Half-Blood.
There are three books out in the series as of right now, and the fourth novel is set to release this October. I will defiantly be picking up the next novels in this series very soon. I would recommend this to lovers of Percy Jackson, Greek or Roman mythology, and everyone else! 

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