Monday, May 11, 2015

Recently Read: Mosquitoland

Author: David Arnold
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Status: Stand-Alone
Publication Date: 2015
Page Count: 352
Rating: 3/5

Mim's father and his new wife and Mim have moved away from Mim's mother in Ohio to Mississippi. When Mim discovers her mother is sick, she leaves on a Grey Hound Bus with nothing but her goodwill shoes, a coffee can full of money, and her backpack to see her mom, but her trip is full of unexpected events and friends.

I was browsing the e-books that were available through my library, and I was pretty excited to see this one was available. As you may remember, one of my 2015 goals was to read more new releases, and this one had been getting some pre-release buzz, so I picked it up. I love the colors of the cover and how it wraps around the book, but I didn't love the book itself. This was just okay for me. 

It was hard for me to relate to Mim, I didn't agree with a lot of the decisions she made, and she was a little too quirky. I do love a good quirky character, but there was just too much going on here in the quirk department. 

This book attempts to tackle issues relating to mental illness, but I don't think any message or theme really develops relating to these issues. In fact, for most of the novel Mim refuses to take her medicine the doctor prescribed her, and while it is questionable if Mim needs it or not at some points in the novel, this is seems like a weird message to send about mental illness; that medication is unnecessary. While I'm sure that some people are unnecessarily put on medication for mental illnesses they have been misdiagnosed with, or that could be treated in a different fashion, I'm not sure that Mim was one of those people. Some of the events in the book seemed to just happen and not really serve the over-all plot in any productive manner, and they just left me like "huh, interesting" after they happened. I was also slightly unimpressed with the romance in the book. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it was just eh. 

I did find this book to be entertaining, and there were a few surprises along the way. Mim meets a great character named Walt, who really makes the novel in my opinion, and there is major development within Mim as she completes her journey. I would recommend checking this one out, especially if you are a contemporary lover or if you love quirky characters. 

If you read this, let me know what you thought! What is your favorite 2015 release so far this year? 

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