Monday, July 6, 2015

Theme Spotlight: Self-Discovery

I have read a few really great novels about self-discovery since I started blogging, so I thought I would do a Theme Spotlight and share a few of them with you. Self-discovery novels are similar to coming of age novels, but there is a difference in my opinion. Self-discovery can happen in novels with older characters, or in novels where all the events in the novel teach the character something about themselves and the self-discovery builds up slowly, and in my head, all of these novels fit into the category of self-discovery. 

Previous Theme Spotlights:

This novel is a gorgeous story of self-discovery. We follow Jane from her troubled girl-hood all the way to adulthood. In that time, Jane learns so much about herself, and develops such a large amount of self-respect, which is so amazing to see in any young female character, especially in a classic. Jane grows so much throughout this novel and knows herself so well by its end. I highly recommend checking this classic out, even if you don't normally reach for classics.   

This is a very recent read for me, but one that I loved and connected to emotionally. This novel reminded me not to settle in any aspect of my life, and reminded me of how powerful the Universe and fate are. Allyson does so much self-discovery in this novel and examines almost every facet of her life. This is such an amazing read, and the travel elements make it perfect for a summer beach read.  

This is one of my favorite books of all-time and one that I reread every year. Katey's growth and discovery in this novel are gradual and so believable. She faces may real-life road blocks with grace and comes out on the other side with a perfect knowledge of herself. Katey also connects with different pieces of literature at different times in her life and I really love that element of the novel. All of this is set against the backdrop of 1930's New York with gorgeous writing.   

This is definitely the most unique novel on this list. Smith does such an amazing job of writing believable and real teenage characters, and his plots are always action packed and a little bit weird. This one centers around a teenage boy and his self-discovery journey to define his relationships in his life and his sexuality, Oh, and there are also man-eating grasshoppers destroying the world. 

What are your favorite self-discovery novels?   

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