Sunday, September 29, 2013

Perfect October Reads

October is approaching and I have been seeing lots of books lately that would be perfect to read during this month. With Halloween and the weather starting to really feel like fall, October is a great month to read something a little strange or creepy. While I'm not a big fan of horror movies or novels, I do enjoy reading something really strange and different from the norm. Here's a list of books I think would be perfect for this strange month.

1. Libba Bray's The Diviners
2. Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys
3. Anything by Edgar Allan Poe
4. Patrick Ness' A Monster Calls
5. Neil Gaiman's The Grave Yard Book

Libba Bray has a reputation for writing unique and strange books. I have not read one by her yet, I attempted her A Great and Terrible Beauty awhile ago, but I went into it blind and was totally caught off guard by the creepy element of it so I quite, though I would like to try that series again. This book really catches my interest, I love the cover of this book. It takes place in the 1920's, the main character's uncle owns an oddities museum, and there is crime solving. Sounds like a perfect October read to me.
This is a recently purchased book that I plan to read soon. Blue comes from a family of psychics but she herself has no abilities. One day she sees a ghost in the grave yard and that means one of two things: the ghost is her true love, or she killed him. That's really all I know about the plot and I am really intrigued. The second book in this series just came out this month so I am excited to read this one soon.
I really enjoy Poe all year round, but this is truly the best time of year to read him. I like his writing and find his life to be truly intriguing. My favorite stories by him include, Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher. Poe also wrote my all time favorite poem Annabel Lee. Check out his other poems The Raven, A Dream Within a Dream, and To Helen. 
I just bought this really cool illustrated version of this Patrick Ness book. I was shopping in my bookstore when I saw it on a table and decided I had to have the illustrated version if I was going to read this book. I have never read a Patrick Ness book but I have heard so many people talk about how much they love him and how great he is.
Finally, a Neal Gaiman book. He is another author I am eager to read. This is kind of a retelling of The Jungle Book but instead of being raised by animals, the young boy is raised by ghosts in a graveyard. I am eager to pick this book up, and especially the illustrated edition.  

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