Friday, May 23, 2014

Recently Purchased: May Part Two

In part one of my May purchased post I mentioned that my second part would be made up of young adult novels. I recently ordered some hardcovers online for a great deal, and I also got some graphic novels that I'm really excited about.

Winger by Andrew Smith I have heard lots of great things about this one, and I am planning on reading it super soon.
Tumble and Fall by Alexandra Coutts I have not heard too much about this one, I believe it is a love story that takes place right before the end of the world?
Juliet Immortal & Romeo Redeemed by Stacey Jay I love Romeo and Juliet, the original play, movie adaptations, and any retelling. Juliet Immortal is a retelling of R&J and Romeo Redeemed is the sequel, I'm interested in trying these out, though I will admit I am not crazy about the romance novel-esq cover of Romeo Redeemed.
No Fear Shakespeare graphic novels:
Romeo and Juliet 
Macbeth You may know I am currently attending University to become a high school English teacher, and Shakespeare is the enemy of every high school student every where! I am interested in checking out these graphic novels with the hopes that they could be used in a classroom to help teach Shakespeare. These adaptations are from the No Fear Shakespeare section at so I have high hopes for them. More on these to come once I have read them.

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