Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recently Read: City of Fallen Angels

November has been a crazy month. I had two exams last week, and then I have been without power for the first part of this week. Luckily I now have power and internet, but I haven't had much time to read or write this week. I finished the fourth book in the Mortal instruments Series, City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare earlier in the month so I thought I would do a short review on it.


This series was originally meant to be a trilogy I believe, but Clare decided to expand the series by three more books. The sixth and final book of the series is to be released this spring, while the fifth one is already out. Anyway, I have heard a lot of people say that this was their least favorite book in the series. I can see why people would think that, it has been my least favorite so far too, but I still enjoyed the book and want to continue the series.

I liked getting to know Simon and Isabelle even better in this book, and I really enjoy Magnus and Alec as well. Clare has created some really funny and likeable characters. The main thing about this book that annoyed me was Clary and Jace's relationship. It seemed to be a little immature at times, and they both seemed to be unreasonable and a little over the top. I'm hoping Clary and Jace's relationship will be different in the next two books, but in the mean time I really enjoyed getting to know the other characters.

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