Monday, December 28, 2015

Recently Read: A Darker Shade of Magic

Author: V.E. Schawb 
Genre: Adult fantasy
Publication Date: 2015
Page Count: 398
Rating: 4/5

Kell is an Antari; he is able to travel to parallel Londons with magic, and he is one of only two like him in the world. He carries messages to the crowns of each London, Red, Grey, and White, and works for the crown of Red London. The worlds were once connected, but Black London has been destroyed by bad magic and the other worlds sealed themselves off from one another as a form of protection. When Kell comes across a relic of that evil magic from Black London, he teams up with a wannabe pirate, Delilah Bard to keep the remaining worlds safe. 

This was my first Schwab novel; I'd been hearing quite a bit about her books for a while now but never got around to picking one up until now. I really enjoyed the writing in this novel and the world building. Details about the world and the magic system are revealed throughout the story and I much prefer that method to the big boring info dump at the beginning of the novel. I loved the idea of parallel worlds and traveling through them, and I think that this series has a lot of potential because the world is so interesting. 

The characters and their relationships were not quite as developed as I wished they were. Kell and Rhy are adopted brothers and are supposed to be extremely close, but there wasn't enough scenes with the two of them together to build that relationship for me. Kell and Delilah are both likable characters, but Delilah is the more interesting of the two. She is a cross-dressing thief who wants to be a pirate more than anything, and I'm really eager to see her story and character develop in the sequel and the third book, as I believe this is going to be a trilogy. 

This book was a lot of fun, It was the perfect mix of magic, adventure, action, and wit. I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel, and I will be checking out some of Schwab's other works as well, both her YA and her adult novels. Plus, the covers for this series are just gorgeous, here is the sequel's cover, which comes out in February.
Which Schwab book should I read next? 

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