Monday, December 14, 2015

Quick DNF Thoughts: The Conspiracy of Us

Author: Maggie Hall
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: 2015
Page Count: 336
Rating: Did not finish

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Summary from Goodreads:
Avery West's newfound family can shut down Prada when they want to shop in peace, and can just as easily order a bombing when they want to start a war. Part of a powerful and dangerous secret society called the Circle, they believe Avery is the key to an ancient prophecy. Some want to use her as a pawn. Some want her dead.

To unravel the mystery putting her life in danger, Avery must follow a trail of clues from the monuments of Paris to the back alleys of Istanbul with two boys who work for the Circle—beautiful, volatile Stellan and mysterious, magnetic Jack. But as the clues expose a stunning conspiracy that might plunge the world into World War 3, she discovers that both boys are hiding secrets of their own. Now she will have to choose not only between freedom and family--but between the boy who might help her save the world, and the one she's falling in love with.

Guys, that synopsis sounds AMAZING, but this book isn't. The synopsis is the best part. I got seventy pages into this one and just couldn't go on. There was so much promise, but the narrative just wasn't working for me. 

Avery is extremely naive, immature, and oblivious. I could deal with her immature narration of the story, as I thought it would be a fun but fluff book, but then the. love. triangle. It started on like page twenty and both boys are exactly the same. I finally decided to put this down after Avery had witnessed two murders one committed by one of the love triangle boys (actually maybe both were, I don't even remember), and survived a murder attempt on herself, Avery's reaction to this is naturally "Wow I'm so dumb, I can't believe that two boys who kidnapped me from the prom and brought me to Paris without telling anyone else where I was going might be dangerous." But then one of the boys held her hand in the bathroom as she is washing the blood off of her hands and all thoughts of fear were calmed by his beautiful and manly hands. 

EH. I'm moving on to better things.

I'm, bummed that the synopsis was so promising and the writing didn't live up to it, but Oh well. Have you read this one? What did you think? How do you know it's time to DNF a book? 

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