Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tale as Old as Time (3): English and Literature Textbooks

Like many book lovers, I love collecting books. Over the past three years or so, I have been picking up quite a few old books from second hand shops, garage sales, and used book stores. I love looking at these old and beautiful books so I thought I would start a series where I showcase some of them. I have quite a few books I want to show off, so look for these posts every-so-often! I would love to hear about your favorite old books you own (or see them on your blog) so tell me about them below or link me to a post where you discuss them! 

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I find old textbooks very fascinating! I am an Education Major, so of course school and academia is a huge part of my life, and these old text books are all so beautiful, as well as interesting. Here are some of my favorite English and Literature textbooks I have picked up on my used books search!

Introduction to American Literature 
This one is from 1897! It's so beautiful and I love the green leather and gold foil letters. It starts with John Smith and ends with Oliver Wendell Holmes, and it contains illustrated portraits of some of the authors. In true 1800's style, there is not a SINGLE female author in this text book! I paid $1.50 for this one, and I love how it looks on my shelves.

Jefferson and Longfellow 

The Macmillian Handbook of English 
This one is from 1948, and is very similar to handbooks I have had to purchase for myself in the past few years. It has lots of information on grammar usage, the writing process, punctuation usage, a whole section on the etiquette of letter writing, as well as a section on how to properly use a dictionary.

The Perin Writer's Guide and Index to English 
This one was published in 1942 and originally cost $1.70 at the University bookstore (the price sticker is still on the inside of the cover!) The content of this one is similar to the Macmillian handbook; it covers grammar and punctuation usage, but it has more information on  how to structure certain types of papers.

The Spines

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