Friday, January 16, 2015

Recently Read: The Cure for Dreaming

Author: Cat Winters
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Historical Fiction
Status: Stand-Alone
Publication Date: 2014
Page Count: 342
Rating: 5/5

Olivia lives in Oregon in the year 1900. It's an election year, but women cannot cast their vote. Suffragettes crowd the street to protest while anti-suffrage organizations shake their head and call them "wild women." Oliva's strict and anti-suffrage, dentist father caches wind that Olivia has attended a suffragette rally and hires a young hypnotist to remove the rebellious thoughts and impossible dreams from Olivia's head. 

I will just start by saying I LOVED this book. I loved the historical setting mixed with the creepy paranormal elements and the fiery young heroine. I will also say this book is BEAUTIFUL to look at. The cover is on point- the naked book minus the jacket is a dark plum color with a silver metallic spine, and inside old black and white photos and quotes from Dracula, Susan B. Anthony, and The Awakening  are weaved into the story. 

I was immediately interested in this book when I saw that it was a Young Adult novel that dealt with the suffrage movement and women's rights (totally excited about the trend of feminist themes in YA lately). I was even more interested when I discovered it contained old photographs. This book takes full advantage of all its positive elements. Olivia is a bright and fiery heroine, the historic atmosphere mixes with the paranormal elements so well, and the girl power theme really comes through. I will say the dentistry aspects really freaked me out (but that's probably a personal problem- I'm down right terrified of teeth.) But overall, that element added nicely to the creepy factor of the book.   

I loved the connection that this book had with Bram Stoker's Dracula, and how the creepy factor intensified because of the connection. The Suffrage movement is very important to me (for obvious reasons) and I feel like it is an event that is often skimmed over in history classes- I know it's a subject I would love to learn more about myself-, and  I really appreciated how this book brought the movement to life and showcased the bravery of every women who donned a yellow ribbon and fought to have her voice heard. 

If you like historical fiction or paranormal (or a combination of both) check this one out! I will be purchasing Cat Winter's other historical fiction novel- which is in the same vain as this one I believe- very soon.            


  1. Yay, I am glad you loved this one too! It was so, so amazing. I agree with you about the suffrage thing, I would definitely like to read more about it. And YES to the dentistry stuff! I loathe the dentist, it makes me physically ill. I agree that it added creepiness, that was a good call! Lovely review, I hope we both enjoy her other books!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a fear of teeth!! I'm hoping to read her other book really soon! and I'm hoping there is no teeth in that one!
      thanks for stopping by Shannon!