Monday, April 20, 2015

Recently Read: On Murder Considered One of the Fine Arts

Author: Thomas De Quincey
Genre: Classic Essay/ Satire
Publication Date:  1827
Page Count: 56
Rating: 3/5

I ordered a few of the Penguin Little Black Classics and this was the first one I read. I love a little bit of satire now and again, and this one satirizes the human tendency to obsess over murders and celebritize the murderers (which is still very true to this day). The essay is set up as a speech being given by the head of a club of people who follow and discuss the art of a well executed (pun intended) murder. 

This essay had many of my favorite components of satire: it made me laugh, it was sassy, and it was thought provoking. It talked about a lot of classical philosophers whom I wasn't familiar with, but the essay gave enough information about them for me to be able to keep up with the commentary. If you enjoy satire I recommend checking this out. I'm also interested to read De Quincey's Confessions of an Opium Eater essay which is his most well-known work. 

Each of the Penguin Little Black Classics starts with a quote from the piece, this is the quote from De Quincey's essay. I think these books are so cute and I love that they are just a little collection of poems, short stories, or essays that can be read in one sitting. I already own two others that I haven't read yet and I have lots more of them on my Book Depository wishlist. 

Are you a satire lover? What's a satirical piece that you love? Do you love the Little Black Classics as much as I do? Which ones are on your wishlist?  

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