Monday, April 6, 2015

Recently Read: Emma

Author: Jane Austen
Genre: Classic
Publication Date: 1815 
Page Count: 495
Rating: 5/5

Also by Jane Austen:
Pride and Prejudice

Emma is the first book I have finished off of my 2015 Rereads and Classics List, and my third Austen novel.

Emma Woodhouse is twenty-one years old, and completely uninterested in marriage. To amuse herself, she attempts to play match-maker with those around her. She takes in a young girl Harriet Smith, in the hopes of finding her a suitable match, but Emma may have gotten herself in over her head. 

I love the other two Austen novels I have read, and I loved this one too! Her novels always make me laugh, and this one was perhaps the funniest of the three I have read. Austen writes annoying characters so brilliantly, and her humor is so witty and timeless. I know a lot of people complain about not liking Emma as a character, but Emma is supposed to be a little unlikable! She is spoiled and thinks very highly of herself, but she is also fiercely independent and in charge of her own life AND she is only twenty-one! Any 19th century woman who declares she never wishes to marry at the age of twenty-one is all right with me! 

Emma also undergoes huge character development, which is really great to see. I loved that the romance was not the main focus of this novel; the characters really drove this novel forward and each character was so well developed. Although this novel is rather long, I never once found myself bored with it or thinking to myself that it was dragging on. Austen's writing is so timeless, as are her plots, and I will be very sad when I run out of Austen material to read. 

I would recommend checking out this novel, or any Austen novel, even if you aren't a fan or usual reader of classics. Austen's novels are very approachable and entertaining. Proof of the modernity of her works is in the sheer number of adaptions to film and television her works have received. I plan on watching a few adaptations of this novel and then posting about them (of course) but if you have seen the movie Clueless, (yes, that one that is the epitome of the 90's) then you have already watched an adaptation of Emma. I love Clueless and loved finding all the parallels and characters that cross over, and I'm really excited to watch the newest BBC adaptation as well as the adaptation with Gwyneth Paltrow. 

What's your favorite Austen novel? and your favorite Austen adaptation? 


  1. I loved Emma too -- never once boring. :) My favorite adaption is the 1995 Sense & Sensibility. That's probably my favorite novel by Austen too, though I have trouble deciding between Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility.

    1. I've heard great things about 1995 S&S! I need to read the book so I can watch it! Thanks for the recommendation and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love Emma too, although my favorite is Sense and Sensibility. I liked the Gwyneth Paltrow movie a lot. Know that many don't like it as well, but I was satisfied with it. And I love Clueless. That's the thing about Emma, she changes, develops, and grows up basically. And Jane Austen's wit is timeless.

    1. I agree totally with everything you said! I'm kinda curious to watch the Paltrow Emma because I can't picture her as an Austen heroine at all! And obviously my next Austen needs to be S&S!
      Thanks for stopping by Kay!

  3. Emma was the first Jane Austen I read, and I loved it. Some people don't like Emma, but I could totally relate to her. I like that she has her own will, and that though she meddles more into other people's lives than is healthy, she does mean well. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well :D

    1. Emma is just a bored girl with too much time on her hands! I love how she meddles in other people's lives to keep herself busy, and she does always have good intentions.
      Thanks for stopping by Celine!